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Dr. Amy offers integrated and holistic approach to medicine, that promotes healing and wellness through healthy alternatives to traditional medicine. She feels it is important to encourage and teach patients to go home with the knowledge of how to self-heal and by helping them unlock their healing potentials.


We offer solutions for a variety of common body condition as pain, anxiety, digestive issues, emotional issues, stress, smoking secession, facial rejuvenation, and many more conditions. All of our individualized treatments are customized to your needs, and help you live a happier, more comfortable life. We want all of our clients to walk out of Dr. Amy's office feeling calm, relaxed, and refreshed. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Dr. Amy is passionate about what she does. She changes people’s lives by helping them unlock their own healing potential. In her clinic, talented staff is made up of skilled healers who love passing on their knowledge and techniques off to their clients. Modalities include ACUPUNCTURE, BREATH WORK, WELLNESS COACHING, CUPPING, MICROCURRENT THERAPY, COLOR THERAPY, SOUND THERAPY, HERBAL MEDICINE, MEDICAL QI GONG,  REIKI, and more.  They come from all walks of life and are united in their passion for alternative healing. They have all worked in a variety of different health care capacities, but have come together to share their passion for healing.




Balance Your Energies

Feeling like your body and soul are not exactly connected? Looking for a relaxing treatment experience? Our acupuncture treatment will put your body at ease. Take some time out of your busy day to begin to heal yourself the right way. Dr. Amy can pinpoint any spot that may be experiencing pain or discomfort and treat you accordingly.



Would you like to get more physical and mental energy, feeling happy despite problems, mental clarity and focus, more joy giving and receiving, relief from emotional and physical pain, freedom from addiction & compulsions,, get rid of anxiety and handle stress better? 

Dr. Amy is a certified Transformational Breath®️ Facilitator/Group Leader with hours of trainings and practice.



Healing involves the whole-body. The principles of my coaching are grounded in the understanding that it takes ownership, awareness, and the integration of your whole-body to create transformative change. Through food to support your body, mindfulness, and daily movement, we allow the body to naturally heal on a cellular level with ease. This is what the body is designed do. Together we can achieve it.



Facial Rejuvenation.

Come see Dr. Amy to have glowing, radiant, younger looking skin. Cosmetic Acupuncture is helpful to minimize or eliminate fine lines and improve the look of deep wrinkles. 

Not just “cosmetic acupuncture”, but a full-body, holistic approach to aging. This treats the entire body as well as the face. The face mirrors the individual’s physical/emotional/spiritual being, and each individual is a walking history book of stresses, abuses and joys. Dr. Amy seeks to honor the dignity of an individual’s years and accumulated wisdom by addressing the whole person, as well as the aging face.



Clear energy pathways

Our cupping treatment will easily help  loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate your nervous system. Many USA olympians claims cupping benefit as “That's been the secret that I have had through this year that keeps me healthy. It's been better than any money I've spent on anything else.”
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Afraid of needle sensation? No problem. Dr. Amy can treat you without any needle yet extremely effective with Microcurrent, color wave-length of light vibrational Energy Medicine. 

Examples include Red for depression; Purple for anxiety; Yellow or Lemon for Anger; Red,Turquoise, or Purple for trauma, or fear; Red or Orange for guilt; and Blue for insomnia.  It applied effectively on acupuncture points, and works to relieve blockage and pain in a similar way as acupuncture by clearing stagnation and poor circulation.



Herbal medicine has been used for over 5000 years. There are many conditions proven effective with herbal medicine yet correct prescription is essential by well trained and licensed herbal medical practitioner for the safety and effectiveness.

Dr. Amy offers one-on-one herb consultations and then crafts a customized herbal formula of anywhere from 3 to 20 herbs (cost of the formula vary and is paid separately 




Medical Qigong is an ancient form of Chinese energetic medicine, and is one of the four main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), along with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and medical massage. It is practiced in hospitals and clinics to treat individuals suffering from a variety of ailments.  30-60 min.




Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. Reiki Practitioners understand that everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and use it to strengthen energy in themselves. A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body to heal on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. 

A session is pleasant and relaxing and is often utilized for one’s personal wellness. 60-90 min.


DR. AMY SHIOTANI, L.AC, Physician Acupuncturist, O.M.D. PhD, Certified Transformational Breath®️ Facilitator & Group Leader, Life and Wellness Coach. Certified Qi Gong, Reiki master.


Acupuncturist,  Primary care Physician,  Oriental Medical Doctor, Transformational Breath®️ Facilitator /Group Leader, Life & Wellness Coach, Qi Gong and Reiki master. MS. PhD

Dr. Amy has a Ph.D in Oriental medicine, licensed in Acupuncture. She has been lecturing audiences on the benefits and techniques of acupuncture. Dr. Amy has years of experiences and treated over 13,000 patients. She is also developing educational materials. . After unexpectedly  breaking her back, she discovered that acupuncture was the only thing that was able to relieve her pain. She was inspired by her own recovery to master acupuncture. Dr. Amy went to school and got both her master's degree and doctorate in Oriental Medicine.
Dr. Amy is now an expert master Acupuncturist, and has been in practice for the past nine years.

She is also passionate practicing BREATH WORK which with a simple and profound process that can activate the most natural way of healings, open up the limited breathing pattern to get more energy get rid of emotional baggages and gain happiness, love and joy in life.  She is certified as a facilitator and a group leader for Transformational Breath®️.



I lOVE TRAVELING., and I also think life is one big journey. I strive to live in FULL POTENTIALS and enjoy life at the same time.

I grew up in a traditional family in JAPAN and move to LOS ANGELES as a young girl, where I became  a professional musician, toured as a KEYBOARDIST for YANNI and others, worked as a composer, musician and producer for many Hollywood recording studios and clients, where my other hobby of photography also got developed, and that lead me to started  working for magazines and newspapers around the world taking photo of celebrities and musicians.

And one day I was playing golf, and injured my back, which after 3 weeks of excruciating suffering pain,  and I took all sorts of strong medication, cortisone shots, and EVERYTHING possible,, nothing was working, and my stomach start aching from medications, and as the last resort, I tried ACUPUNCTURE. And that was the only thing really helped, and I fell in love with this magical medicine of Acupuncture.  So I decided go back to school for 4 years to get a master degrees for acupuncture, passed the licenses, and decided to dedicate my life in healing people, and continued my education to get doctoral degree,. I started my practice, and this lead me to travel over 135 countries to treat patients, and lecturing about health. 

 I thought I was done with test taking and study, I run into BREATH WORK called Transformational Breath®️, and again, I was taken by a big surprise how this BREATHING technique can change person's health and life. So, I  went back studying hours of training and practices, and here I am today I am extremely happy healing people in depth from Physical, Emotional and Spiritual level.  Now I do my practice in USA, ITALY and JAPAN, with health retreats around the globe . I hope to meet you one day.



Private ONE -on-ONE Acupuncture

I believe in quality over quantity. One-on-one treatment is offered (instead of multiple patients in many rooms at the same timer). Treatment consists of consultation, and treatment with sterilized needles through specific points along energetic channels throughout the body. Manual manipulation of such needles elicits a subtle bodily response, as stagnant energy is released and free to flow in the proper direction through the channels and organs. Japanese Acupuncture technique is known to be extremely gentle. Calming presence will soothe any anxiety over getting needled, inviting you to feel at ease in the process.

EXAMPLES of the conditions Dr. Amy treats.

Facial Rejuvenation, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Acute sinusitis, Acute rhinitis, Acute tonsillitis,  Asthma, Toothache, Post Extraction Pain, Gingivitis, Acute and Chronic Pharyngitis, Spasms of esophagus, Hiccough, Gastroptosis, Acute and Chronic Gastritis, Gastric Hyperacidity, Chronic Duodenal Ulcer (pain relief), Acute Duodenal Ulcer (without complications), Acute and Chronic Colitis, Acute Bacillary Dysentery, Constipation, Diarrhea, Headache and Migraine, Trigeminal Neuralgias, Facial Palsy , Pareses Following a Stroke, Peripheral Neuropathies, Meniere's Disease, Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction, Nocturnal Enuresis (bedwetting), Intercostal Neuralgia, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Sciatica, Low Back Pain, Osteoarthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Back and Knee Pain, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Sports Injuries and Pains, Premenstrual Syndrome, Dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps), Spotting and Excessive Bleeding, Amenorrhea (Loss of Menstrual Period), Impotence, Infertility, Incontinence  and more conditions. Please ask Dr. Amy if you don't see your condition here.


Initial Session, up to 1.5 hours      $150 Follow-up Session, 1 hour             $100 House or Hotel Call, 1 hour            $300

For corporate work place wellness package, please call for pricing inquiries

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mis favoritos Consbruck (GOOGLE)

I was having so much troubles with panic attack and anxiety. I knew Dr.Amy for a couple of years, and she helped me to release the panic attack without any medication. And now she combines with Transformational Breath technique along with acupuncture, and released my anxiety which I had for more than 2 months In 1 session. I couldn't release this anxiety by exercises, swimming, yoga and nothing was helping  and I was devastated, but she is like my angel. In 1 session, I feel so much lighter and I no longer feel like crying.  I can not thank her enough. God bless her ability in her hands.  I highly recommend her service.

Janis Hamilton (GOOGL)

"I have never believed in acupuncture, but was facing foot surgery which I did not want. My massage therapist recommended I try acupuncture with Amy. I had instant relief after the very first visit. I am absolutely amazed. I would recommend Amy as an excellent acupuncturist."

Shea Ramsahai (Google)

Hands dow the BESt acupuncturist I've ever been to! Great energy, gentle touch, good advice and advanced/spacial techniques to help alleviate pain & chronic symptoms. Definitely recommend anyone in the Palm, Del Rey, Boynton Beach or Boca and surrounding areas to book with her!

Michael Stones

“I’ve never felt better or more in tune with my body. I felt comfortable with the staff, and my therapist was there with me through every step of the way. Thanks Dr.Amy, I’ll definitely be back. ”

James Owen

“My migraines are finally gone, and I can begin to live my life again. I can’t express how wonderful it was to work with Dr.Amy, and I will surely be back again in the near future.”

Reese Mathers

“Within minutes of my first session at Dr.Amy, I could feel my stress and worries melting away. My therapist took care of me, making sure I was comfortable each step of the way.”




Dr. Amy is a certified Transformational Breath ® facilitator and a group leader.

Transformational Breath® is a gentle, simple technique that helps people to open up the full potential of their breathing system for better physical and emotional well-being. It teaches a pattern of conscious breathing that is natural, safe and healthy, and which can have many benefits, including increased energy, better immune response and increased ability to deal with stress in a healthy way.

Transformational Breath® was developed by Dr Judith Kravitz. Incorporating her knowledge of conscious breathing techniques and various other healing and spiritual principles, Transformational Breath® is a highly efficient and effective technique that has been used and found beneficial by many thousands of people world-wide for over thirty years.

The effects appear on three levels:


By utilizing your full breathing capacity, body gets more oxygen. 

  • This will help increase energy in each cell of your body, which results in increase of vitality. 
  • It allows to relax body tensions, enhances detoxification, 
activates self-healing powers. 
  • It helps the function of the respiratory and circulatory system (Asthma, SOB, ….).


It will create sustainable resolution by freeing repressed/suppressed emotions and negativity held in the body and mind. By freeing those emotional and mental baggage, it is easier to access more confidence, inner peace, insight, and develop greater compassion for yourself and others.


By It is a life-long tool that can be used to 

  • Access higher levels of awareness
  • Provide you with insights of higher consciousness
  • Experience the full connection with your inner-self, and open up to unique experiences
  • Bring more clarity and purpose into your life.


90-120 min

• Private session                            $150

• Group session (min 3.)              $75

• Group of 6                                    $40/45

15-120 min

• Corporate work place wellness package

• 15 min Quick Start

Please call for pricing & inquiries 

Available for a guest breath work leader for your events, seminars, retreats,....etc.

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