Mis favoritos Consbruck

I was having so much troubles with panic attack and anxiety. I knew Dr.Amy for a couple of years, and she helped me to release the panic attack without any medication. And now she combines with Transformational Breath technique along with acupuncture, and released my anxiety which I had for more than 2 months In 1 session. I couldn’t release this anxiety by exercises, swimming, yoga and nothing was helping  and I was devastated, but she is like my angel. In 1 session, I feel so much lighter and I no longer feel like crying.  I can not thank her enough. God bless her ability in her hands.  I highly recommend her service. (Google Review)

Janis Hamilton 

“I have never believed in acupuncture, but was facing foot surgery which I did not want. My massage therapist recommended I try acupuncture with Amy. I had instant relief after the very first visit. I am absolutely amazed. I would recommend Amy as an excellent acupuncturist.” (Google Review)

Shea Ramsahai 

Hands dow the BESt acupuncturist I’ve ever been to! Great energy, gentle touch, good advice and advanced/spacial techniques to help alleviate pain & chronic symptoms. Definitely recommend anyone in the Palm, Del Rey, Boynton Beach or Boca and surrounding areas to book with her! (Google Review)

Michael Stones

“I’ve never felt better or more in tune with my body. I felt comfortable with the staff, and my therapist was there with me through every step of the way. Thanks Dr.Amy, I’ll definitely be back. ” (Google Review)

James Owen

“My migraines are finally gone, and I can begin to live my life again. I can’t express how wonderful it was to work with Dr.Amy, and I will surely be back again in the near future.”

Reese Mathers

“Within minutes of my first session at Dr.Amy, I could feel my stress and worries melting away. My therapist took care of me, making sure I was comfortable each step of the way.”