“I was a long time professional musician before I started acupuncture. Born in a family loves music. Sound was in every day life. Sound heals people’s mind and heart.. Now I use Sound for healing. This is my absolute ZEN treatment.

Sound Therapy is also known as vibrational medicine, it employs the vibrations of the human voice as well as objects like CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS that resonate to go beyond relaxation and stimulate healing. It helps to move blockages in the body.

Human body is 70 to 80% water. The frequency vibration from crystal bowls resonate to a specific organ or body system to help heal on the cellular level. Your body automatically starts becoming more in homeostasis. As a result, you start to feel very relaxed.

Sound Therapy is Beneficial for...


Sound therapy is available for private, small groups or for big events.

Combine SOUND THERAPY + BREATHWORK., MEDITATION or maybe with ACUPUNCTURE, It is perfect for retreat set ups.

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In person treatments are available at Delray Beach/Boca Raton/Palm Beach Florida • Los Angeles • Japan • Italy

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